The modern man faces no enemy more dangerous than himself!

Look around, the world before you is littered with distractions. 

And with modern temptations, a lack of discipline results in excessive binge eating, unhealthy diets, obesity, high blood pressure, and poor health. Resulting in anxiety and depression.

You’re completely aware of the improvements that would greatly enrich your life.

But your lack of discipline is killing you, mentally!

And that’s not even to mention how your lack of discipline is the exact reason for a lack of progress and results in your life. Whether it’s financially, physically, or in any other areas. 

Deep down, you know that gaining some more confidence. Developing higher levels of productivity and being more energised will bring your dreams closer to reality.

But no matter what…

…you find it impossible to make consistent, definitive progress.

With the intensity and commitments of modern life, juggling obligation with aspiration is a common struggle.

Personal goals (this should be first, but this is the order that you have it currently).

It’s no wonder so many men never take the leap into self-development. 

And if they do they’ll opt for a bit of exercise. Because it’s the easiest. The problem is it seldom lasts and it doesn’t have the impact they wanted.

Real growth and progress are eating the right foods. Getting enough sleep and handling the stress of life. These are the real game-changers.

The good news is…

…it’s never too late! 

With The Disciplined Man 90-Day Coaching Program, the path to self-improvement has never been clearer. 

With a myriad of these game-changing personalised strategies, reaching your true potential is no longer a dream.

With an educated & experienced expert in your corner, you’ll get better results in less time and from doing less.

Ensuring you have the space to tend to life’s other commitments.

So if you’re ready to be healthy both mentally and physically. And also succeed in life get in touch.


I’m Andrew Shaw, Health Consultant & Speaker from London, England. Never-ending student and educator.

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