Want to know why your reading this right now?

Well, I’ve seen so men who have lost sight of their mission, their values, and who they are. They have been misled by the voices in their head that encourage them to pursue short-term gratification at a long-term cost.

It’s my job to help these men build positive habits and self-discipline. And show them how to live a more in-control life. Through goals, actions, and routines designed to keep them focused on what’s important so they can achieve their true potential.

Having a family and running my own business since 2018 I understand the world of deadlines, workplace pressures, and family commitments.

And I truly believe that self-discipline is the foundation for achieving your best life. If a man wants to reach his goals and be the best he can be, then he needs to live a disciplined life.

And I live by this value to set a good example for my children, friends, family, and anyone that hears my message.

From my 20+ years of experience in the health & fitness industry, (corporate, private health clubs, and small businesses). I work with men to build their confidence, boost their energy and improve their focus to accomplish their goals. I help them implement habits and practices that will improve their life for the better.

And as an effective coach I get to the crux of their challenges quickly!

I have a lifelong passion for psychology and physiology, which I bring to every interaction of my coaching.

And an interested in people. How we interact with our environments, how our brains works, how we can improve our decisions, and what makes us grow.

If you have any questions about working with me I’d love to hear from you.


Speaking Events & Conferences

Guest speaking to businesses, schools and charities on how to improve staff members’ health and wellbeing.

Health Consulting

Contracted to deliver training, seminars and working groups for companies with the objective of improving the health and wellbeing of their staff.


Speaking to specialists in the health and fitness industry for my podcast. From Neuroscientists to Sleep Doctors. Founders of International Nutrition Societies to Exercise Professors.



BSc Exercise Science

N.L.P. Practitioner

Sleep, Stress Management and recovery Certification


Men’s Personal Development coach

Andrew Shaw BSc 2018 – Present

Coaching individuals to improve their wellbeing, and reach their potential through behaviour change. Devising positive habits and routines.

Health Consultant

Schlumberger 2018 – Present

Delivering inductions and one-to-one consultations to staff members along with planning events and seminars on health and fitness.

Health and Wellbeing Physiologist

Virgin Active/Nuffield Health 2016 – 2018

Delivering health assessments to members at health clubs. Tailoring personalised programs to help motivate necessary lifestyle and behavioural change.