The Disciplined Man

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The Day You Became A More Focused, Confident, Disciplined Man

Are you tired of waking up late in the morning, going through your day like a zombie, and then going back to sleep?

Have you been “trying” to lose weight forever, but can’t seem to make progress because you lack the willpower to eat healthily?

Are you able to focus more than 20 minutes at a time without getting distracted by junk social media and YouTube?


If yes, well – then I have something for you that will change how you live your life. And turn you from a weak, distracted, consumption MONKEY to a focused, ambitious MAN.

The Disciplined Man is a 90 Day Self-Improvement Project that will re-calibrate your entire existence. It will change you physically, mentally and spiritually.

Over 90 days, the project will transform you into the MAN you intended to be. Not a boozed, chubby, social media junkie, who’s snorting lines of porn and McDonald’s fast food.

In 90 Days, you will:

– Get rid of those pesky bad habits slowing you down.

– Lose excess flab and gain some new muscle.

– Say goodbye to your social media addictions.

– Assign yourself a personal mission/goal and work on it.

– Build your discipline, self-control, and emotional control.

– Fix your mindset and get rid of self-defeating thought patterns.

– Build your focus, attention span, and mental toughness (and finally be able to focus for more than 2 minutes at a time).

“This is one of those programs where if you need it but you haven’t bought it, you are *already* paying for it”

Get rid of your bad habits and digital addictions:

Over the 90-day project, you will systematically drop the bad, unproductive habits that eat away your time and give you nothing in return.

Have you ever said to yourself: “I wish, but I just don’t have time”?

That’s a lie. And you know it’s a lie!

And deep inside, it eats away at you – because you know what you’re capable of. But you just can’t seem to shake away the bad habits that slow you down.

So you start to believe that you’re “too busy.”

The reality is – very few people are too busy. Chances are, your bad habits eat away your time … and your *life*.

How much time, attention, and energy do you spend in a day:

– Watching TV?

– Playing Video Games?

– Browsing Social Media?

– Gossiping and other nonsense?

– Watching or reading the news (and getting upset!)?

These are all unwanted addictions that eat away at your life

Over the 90-day program, we will get rid of every single one of these – once and for all.

Further your mission:

Throughout the 90-day project, you will find your mission – a goal that you want to pursue.

This could be anything from getting in shape to setting up a business – whatever YOU want.

You will work on this goal every single day of the project.

The program will help you by giving you the structure, discipline, and routine to stick to it. No longer will you have the “I did it for a few days and then I lost the motivation” problem. Which has been plaguing your personal goals for months, years.

Take control of your thought patterns

Over the course of the program, you will learn to take control of your thought patterns.

You will discover how to become an optimistic, opportunity-oriented person.

Being able to control your thought process can change your life! Because everything you can and cannot do is a product of how and what you think.

The program will give you the tools to calm your mind down and actively take control of your mental narrative.

Increase your focus, attention span, and emotional control

We will incorporate some new habits into your routine – things like meditation, journaling, and, self-reflection.

These will boost your focus and attention span. So you will be able to get more work done in less time, and the quality of your output will be higher too.

You will learn to be more mindful of your mental state. Which will significantly boost your ability to control and regulate your emotions. This will increase your happiness and internal peace as you will be less susceptible to random turmoil.

If you’re someone who lashes out at people and then felt guilty about it – you definitely need to get this program. It will save you tons of apologies and lost relationships over the years.

Lose the extra fat and gain some newfound muscle

You cannot really say that you’re where you want to be in life if you’re fat and your body is not up to par.

To make the program complete, a nutrition plan for fat loss and an exercise routine for strength is built right into this 90-day program.

The exercise routine can be done right from the comfort of your home, no gym is needed, and the fat loss guide is short, simple, and most importantly, easy.

With the structure the program gives you, you are going to find it easy to stay consistent.

I’ve done the research for you:

The program is designed to make everything synergistic. The things you get from one part help you make the other parts easier, and the benefits you get from the latter make the former easier.

For example, most people can’t stick to a diet, so I’ve put together a method that is healthy and doesn’t involve restriction. So you’re not craving fast food all the damn time.

Likewise, a healthy diet makes your exercise routine more efficient and it’s easier to meditate if your nutrition is great.

You do not need to spend time figuring these feedback loops out – I’ve already done it for you.

Everything is tried and tested – it has worked in the past, it works now, and it will work in the future.

This program will save you from wasting your entire life away on cheap dopamine hits.

How long is the program?

It takes 90 Days.

The program is not a mental masturbation plan that you ‘try’, feel good about doing, and then forget about it. (You know that you’ve done countless of those already and they made no difference).

This is an action plan, you will *execute* it.

You can start implementing it the day you start.

If you are willing to invest 90 days into yourself, you will change your life


Click the “Book a free consultation” button to book a call with me.

What you will receive with your purchase:

*Weekly coaching me (1x 45-minute Zoom call per week).

*Daily check-ins with me.

*24/7 DM access to me (on a private messaging platform).

I’ll personally coach you in the key areas of your life. To help you build a lifestyle strategy and give you everything you need to transform your confidence, discipline and focus. So you can break through plateaus and realise your true potential!

You’ll also receive:

*1 Kick-off call with me (a 90-day plan of action).

*A bespoke Nutrition plan (on The Disciplined Man app)

*A bespoke Training program (on The Disciplined Man app)

*Daily habits guide (The Disciplined Man app)

*The Disciplined Man Online course – which includes; Learning materials, questionnaires, and resources

*Access to the member’s area which contains hundreds of recipes.

*Access to The Disciplined Man community.

Still not convinced?

This program has changed hundreds of lives – it can change yours too!

Here are some reviews and testimonials I’ve received from Men of all ages, different skill levels, and various backgrounds, who have gotten results from my methods.

“Andrew’s approach and methods are very logical and scientific which led to very little change in lifestyle but clear results that are both sustainable and easy to implement.”

Property Investor

“The accountability ensures that I stick to the plan, it really kept me in check. I was motivated to reach my goals and was supported with the right knowledge and experience along the way.”

“Andrew is by far the best and most personable coach I ever had. He is very knowledgeable and doesn’t hesitate to talk through the details of why something is wrong. I learned so much from him and I am now a better, healthier version of me.”

Dr. Alex
Senior Systems Engineer

“Andrew has probably been the single best investment in myself I have ever made, and I include my master’s and PhD in that. He has an infectious, seemingly permanent good mood, polite and approachable manner.”

“Andrew gives you all the education and tools to make you autonomous and achieve your goals. He puts you in the driver’s seat and will make you win.”

“Andrew’s method simplifies the science behind transforming your mental and physical wellbeing. Thanks to his program I’m now in the best shape of my life.”

Results Guaranteed:

There is no way that you join and not see meaningful improvement in your life. And I’m willing to prove it to you by making your investment completely risk-free:

If you don’t see meaningful improvement in your life, after working with me after 90 days I will continue to work with you until you do!

At no extra cost!

Making your purchase completely risk-free

So what are you waiting for?

90 days from now, you could have lost some weight, picked up some new great habits, got rid of stupid time-wasting addictions, developed The Bullet-Proof Mindset you’ve been looking for and be well on your way to achieving your long-term goals – or you could just be 90 days older with the same lifestyle you have today.

The choice is yours.


When you have good mental and cognitive recovery you can be creative, resourceful, and thoughtful. You can choose actions wisely that are in line with our goals. You can learn and adapt and achieve more! Resulting in you being more energised, focused, intentional and motivated.


You’ll experience improved sleep quality resulting in a rise in your output, performance and momentum. You’ll have focused attention, emotional balance and rational thinking. Giving you drive and clarity, enabling you to make better decisions.


One of the things that drains more energy from your body than anything else is digestion, knowing how to eat in a way that will maximise your energy levels can make a major change in the quality of your life. The Body Fuel Formula will show you how to improve performance with physical and mental tasks plus reach your ideal physique goal. Plus the option to have your nutrition done for you.


The most effective exercise program to fit in with your lifestyle will see you spending less time in the gym. You’ll have an improved physique and better cardiovascular and muscular strength. Plus unshakeable confidence from looking and feeling great.


It’s one thing getting results but how about keeping them? With The Sustain System, you’ll know exactly what to do going forward to sustain the results you’ve achieved.