The Disciplined Man Online Course


Here is where you will find all the learning resources you need:

  • You’ve got modules, lessons, videos, downloadable resources and more.
  • In addition to the core modules, you’ll also find bonus modules and lessons to help you achieve your goals.

In other words, I’ve chosen a spot designed to grow with us over time.

Here are a few things to know as you get started:

More and more lessons will be added over time

As you work your way through the course more and more lessons will become available to you.

There is no sequence that you must follow

Dip in and out of the modules and lessons as you like all I ask is you look at the Overview section first.


Start Here

The Stress Optimiser

The Box Breathing Method

Emotional Eating

EFT Tapping

The Marriage Meeting

The Pointer and Scale

The Healthy Stress System

The R.E.M. Recharge

Bedtime Routine

The Transference Technique

The Power Nap

The Body Fuel Formula

Nutrition 101

Food Tracking

Eating Out

Food Shopping

Health Supplements

Nutrient Timing

Nutrition for Muscle Growth

Hunger Reduction

Performance Supplements

The Strength System

Training 101

Track Your Training



Training Tips

The Mindset Method (Bonus)

Cognitive Distortions

The 5 Whys

The Positive Outcome

The Belief System

The Gratitude System

The Mindset Shift

The Primitive Mindset

Your Body Basics (Bonus)

The Focus Formula

Weight Management

Weighing In

Body Composition

The Sustain System

You 2.0