The Disciplined Man

Start Living the Life You’ve Always Dreamed About!

You’re tired of waking up late in the morning, going through your day like a zombie, and then going back to sleep.

You eat healthy, but you’re finding it less and less enjoyable because you aren’t losing weight.

You’re good at following instructions, but you feel you’re wasting your time because no matter what you do, you’re not making any progress with your work life balance.

You know you can have the lifestyle you want, but you’re tired of trying new methods.

You feel like giving up because you don’t see the results you want but know that quitting will only make it worse.

You’ve bought all the self improvement guides floating about on the Internet, but none have worked for you and you feel disappointed with your favorite ‘guru’ because their tactics only work for them.

And it looks like you’re only getting worse as time goes on despite putting in the work

If you’ve been nodding your head to any of these statements, then this may be the most helpful case study you’ll ever see.

Today you’ll discover a proven way to transform your life.

It has nothing to do with the things to do with selling all your possessions and moving to a monastery, cutting out the foods you like, living in the gym, ice baths or quitting your job.

I was frustrated with myself every time I would give in to losing myself in work and neglecting myself and my family.

Hi, I’m Andrew, and I help professional men who’ve let work and stress rob them of the balance in their lives.

But it wasn’t always like this.

Years ago, I was sick and tired of being so absorbed (and stressed) in work I had neglected myself and my relationships.

I felt ashamed and disappointed that I wasn’t present with my family and my coping mechanisms were destructive.

I thought:

“How the hell did I let myself get like this?”

“Getting help with this was uncomfortable. It felt like everyone else was living this perfect lifestyle.”

The first thing I did to balance my lifestyle and reduce my stress was scour the internet.

I felt like a fish out of the water.

Everywhere I saw, I saw people succeeding.

Everyone except me.

Thankfully, those feelings died out.

And this victory inspired me to start researching sleep, stress, nutrition and exercise

So I bought all the courses, qualifications and coaching I saw.

I trained daily. I read daily. I even became more disciplined thanks to what I found inside those resources.

But I wasted too much time and effort switching between different methods trying to find the best one.

From stressed and sluggish to transforming myself into a disciplined, healthy man — And competing in bodybuilding competitions, running Marathons, climbing Mountains and open water swimming along the way.”

I started to get a taste of success.

But it wasn’t enough.

So I began challenging myself with physical pursuits

Learning that I could achieve these goals with relative ease.

But I craved for more.

I researched and tested everything.

As a result, I developed my own method.

This method got me from stressed and sluggish to fit and focused in 12 weeks – without putting the rest of my life on hold.

And over the last few years, I’ve ran Marathons, competed in bodybuilding, swam in open water competitions and climbed mountains in the Himalayas.

“Why do conventional methods fail you”

Most programs don’t get you results because:

They only work when the perfect conditions exist.

Let me explain:


But that’s just the surface level.

Remember: most lifestyle programs only work under perfect conditions.

Screw that.

There’s a better way.

You’ll be glad to know that…

Today you have the opportunity to access my lifestyle challenge

The Disciplined Man is a 90 Day Self-Improvement project that will re-calibrate your entire existence. It will change you physically, emotionally, and spiritually without you having to spend hours a day on it.

Here’s what you’ll get:

The Stress Optimiser Method

Increase your focus, attention span, and emotional control.

You’ll incorporate new habits into your routine. Things like meditation, journaling, and, self-reflection.

These will boost your focus and attention span. So you’ll be able to get more work done in less time, and the quality of your output will be higher too.

You’ll learn to be more mindful of your mental state. Which will significantly boost your ability to control and regulate your emotions.

This will increase your happiness and internal peace as you will be less susceptible to random turmoil.

If you’re someone who lashes out at people and feels guilty about it, you definitely need this challenge.

It’ll save you tons of apologies and lost relationships over the years.

The Sleep Supercharge System

You’ll experience improved sleep quality resulting in a rise in your output, performance and momentum.

You’ll have focused attention, emotional balance and rational thinking. Giving you drive and clarity, enabling you to make better decisions.

The Strength System & Body Fuel Formula

Lose the extra fat and gain some newfound muscle!

You can’t say that you’re where you want to be in life if you’re fat and your body isn’t up to par.

To make the challenge complete, a nutrition plan for fat loss and an exercise routine for strength is built into the challenge.

The exercise routine can be done from the comfort of your home, no gym is needed, and the fat loss guide is short, simple, and most importantly, easy.

With the structure the program gives, you’ll find it easy to stay consistent.

The Mindset Method

Take control of your thought patterns.

Over the course of the challenge you’ll learn to take control of your thought patterns.

You’ll discover how to become an optimistic, opportunity-oriented person.

Being able to control your thought process can change your life! Because everything you can and cannot do is a product of how and what you think.

The challenge will give you the tools to calm your mind and take control of your mental narrative.

The Habit Hacker

Throughout the 90-day challenge you’ll find your mission, a goal that you want to pursue.

This could be anything from getting in shape to setting up a business, whatever YOU want.

You’ll work on this goal every single day of the challenge.

The program will give you the structure, discipline, and accountability to stick to it.

No longer will you have the “I did it for a few days and then I lost the motivation” problem. Which has been plaguing your personal goals for months, years.

The Sustain System

It’s one thing getting results but how about keeping them? With The Sustain System, you’ll know exactly what to do going forward to sustain the results you’ve achieved.

Men of all ages, different skill levels, and various backgrounds, have gotten results from The Disciplined Man 90 day challenge.

“The approach and methods are very logical and scientific which led to very little change in lifestyle but clear results that are both sustainable and easy to implement.”

Property Investor

“The simplicity ensures that I stick to the plan. I was motivated to reach my goals and was supported with the right knowledge and experience along the way.”

“I learned so much from the challenge and I’m now a better, healthier version of me.”

Senior Systems Engineer

“Working with Andrew has probably been the single best investment in myself I have ever made, and I include my master’s and PhD in that.”

“The challenge gives you all the education and tools to make you autonomous and achieve your goals. It puts you in the driver’s seat and will make you win.”

“The method simplifies the science behind transforming your mental and physical wellbeing. Thanks to this program I’m now the best version of me.”

Heating Engineer

“I was surprised to see results so soon after starting, the changes to my life have been incredible.”

Managing Director

“I look better, feel better, I’m healthier, happier and looking forward to having this as a lifestyle moving forward.”

Voice Over Actor

“Right from the start it was evident that Andrew is a dude who was going to elevate me physically and mentally in a wholesome way.”

How long is the challenge?

90 days.

The challenge isn’t a mental masturbation plan that you ‘try’, feel good about doing, and then forget about. (You’ve done countless of those already and they made no difference).

This is an action plan, you will *execute* it.

You can start implementing the day you start.

If you’re willing to invest 90 days into yourself, you will change your life forever!

Is there a guarantee?

There is no way that you join and not see meaningful improvement in your life. And I’m willing to prove it to you by making your investment completely risk-free:

If you don’t see meaningful improvement in your life, after 90 days I will return your money.

Making your purchase completely risk-free!

What is included in the challenge?

*A Kickstart call to create a 90 day action plan

*Weekly calls with me for coaching and accountability

*24/7 support on messaging platform

*The Disciplined Man app which contains your bespoke Nutrition & Training plan

*The Disciplined Man Online course which contains learning materials and resources

*Access to the member’s area which contains hundreds of recipes.

*Access to The Disciplined Man community

P.S. In Case You’ve Skipped Ahead

The Disciplined Man is the self improvement project you haven’t yet bought, and you’re ‘already’ paying for.

The challenge uses proven methods to improve every aspect of your lifestyle. And it works well.

So take action today by booking a free discovery call.