Why you don’t want to ‘boost’ your immune system

The advice from the world health organization is social distancing I’m miles ahead of it, as I’ve been avoiding people for years!

On a serious note, what you can do is avoid any erroneous claims or snake oil that charlatans try to sell you for your immune system. I find it incredible that people are proclaiming to have methods and products to cure the virus. Or products to ‘boost your immune system’! 

You can’t, neither would you want to ‘boost your immune system’. You can only support it! Your immune system can be split into 2 parts; innate and acquired responses.

The innate response first and it’s not specific. It makes you flehmy/snotty to try and catch the infection. It also increases your temperature [a fever] to try and, for want of a better word, boil off the infection.

You may feel weak and want to stay in bed, which is a good thing. Because you don’t want to go out and catch another infection in this delicate state.

The acquired immune system takes longer to kick in (5-10 days). This part is more precise and makes specific antibodies. The only thing that can speed up the response of the acquired system is vaccines. So if you boosted your immune system (innate) you would feel pretty crappy.

If anyone starts blabbering on about foods or supplements to boost your immune system. They are trying to sell you some good old snake oil!

Components of our diets are required for healthy immune function [vitamins and minerals]. The ones claimed to boost it! But if you have a good diet you will not need extra. And if you have a good diet you do not augment your immune system with supplements. Focus on maximizing your health now, avoid those health conditions that put you more at risk.

It would be prudent to ensure your diet is healthy and inclusive of lots of fruit and veg. Stay on top of your exercise and get good quality sleep.

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