Muscle confusion

Many moons ago when working in the gym I would always speak to members. Exchanging pleasantries and ask what they are doing and how their training is going.

From their response, I could deduce a lot; the efficacy of their training programming. Their level of understanding of exercise physiology, and a heap of other things.
when people would say:

‘Yes training is good, I’m trying to confuse the muscles as much as I can’

I knew that they were a newbie to weight training and their understanding of how we grow muscle was not there.

The reason being is that you can’t confuse contractile tissue [muscle].

Many gym-goers switch up their training programs. To the point, where they’re doing a different workout each time. The rationale for this is down to some idiot out there putting out the concept of ‘muscle confusion’.

The premise being; confusing the muscle, preventing it from adapting to the training.
First, you can’t confuse contractile tissue!⁣ Second, adaptation is not undesirable!

Adaptation is the very goal of a training program. By applying stress on a muscle in the form of mechanical tension, we cause it to adapt to that stress. Making itself bigger and stronger. ⁣

Recent studies this year have shown that muscle confusion does not work. When a group of men trained for progressive overload [increasing strength over time].

Compared to another group of men applying ‘muscle confusion’ [rotating through different workouts. The ‘confused muscle’ men didn’t gain more muscle!

The bottom line, have a good training program and stick to that. Don’t you be confused about what to do in the gym for building muscle.