Food Tracking

You will have received your Nutrition plan that I’ve loaded onto The Disciplined Man app. You can log your food and drink there. See instructions below.

Another way that you can track your energy intake for the day is by using energy/calorie tracking programs or applications. Try My Fitness Pal, which is a free app on IOS or Android. This also integrates with The Disciplined Man app.

How to integrate with The Disciplined Man app

Open The Disciplined Man app > Tap on your profile picture (top left corner) > Feature settings > Integrations > MyFitnessPal

How to set your calorie goal

Open My Fitness Pal > More > Goals > Calorie & Macronutrient Goals > Calories > Input Daily Calorie requirement

Tracking your Food

When inputting items into your MFP diary press the ‘+’ button and select ‘food’ then select which meal, be it ‘Breakfast’, ‘Lunch’, ‘Dinner’ or ‘Snacks’. You then have the option to scan the barcode or manually input the item by pressing ‘Search for a food’. Type in the food i.e. ‘chicken breast’ and it will come up with a variety of options. Choose the most fitting and then select the amount/weight.

How to create a meal

If you are cooking a meal fairly frequently, with the same ingredients and measurements, then you can store all those individual items as a saved meal so you don’t have to input each individual item again.

After you have input all the individual items under ‘Breakfast’ ‘Lunch’ or ‘Dinner’ then press the ‘•••’ button at the bottom right of the meal section and then press the ‘save as meal’ button. The app will ask you to name the culinary delight you have created, once you have done that hit the save button and that meal will be stored.

To add this meal next time, press the ‘+’ button select either ‘Breakfast’, ‘Lunch’ or ‘Dinner’ then under the search bar press the ‘Meals’ button where you will find your saved meals. Simply select the meal you are having and press the ‘tick’ button in the top right corner.