When it comes to fitness & health, I believe that we all have very personalised needs and there is no such thing as a “one way fits all plan”.

The aim of the consultation is to support you to fuel, train and rest your body so you can free up the time and space to focus on what truly matters to you. Everyone’s journey is unique and what we focus on and how long we work together will depend on your personal circumstances. We will also address nutrition education, meal planning, supplemental requirements, coping skills and practices for stress management, body image, mindfulness, thoughts and beliefs and a solid recovery routine. 

I will show you how to understand your body to learn how to fuel it, rather than simply give you a plan of what to eat. I will empower you to find enjoyment in movement and to create lifelong positive habits.


90 minutes.

Price 125.00

The consultation charge will be deducted when purchasing my program The Performance Project.

Payment will be withheld if the call is cancelled within 24 hours.

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