Body Composition

Alongside recording weight on the scales, there are many methods of recording change. All of which have different levels of accuracy and will be relevant to the level of accuracy you need. Here are some considerations for each method and best practice.


Some things to consider when making changes to your body are; fat loss can be masked by weight fluctuations. This is why it is best to look for trends over weeks not days! Fat loss can be occurring but is not shown on the scales because of factors such as water retention, food still in the gut, full bowels, etc, which impact weight readings.


Pictures are a great way to see changes occurring in your body. Taking pictures every 4 weeks would be a good frequency to see changes occurring to your body. You can upload these progress pictures to The Fitness Gentleman app.


Skinfold tests with calipers are one of the most effective and accurate ways of recording changes in body composition (fat decrease). Make sure you find a person competent in performing this.

You can use the results of this to find out your body fat percentage and keep track of this as a metric. You can record this change in The Fitness Gentleman app.

Bioelectrical impedance

These machines you will find in certain shops and some gyms (the machines that you step on and hold onto the sensors). Bear in mind they will have the largest error range as a lot of factors will constitute results, hydration levels, sodium levels, etc.

Body measurements

i.e. waist, thigh circumference, etc are also a good indicator of body composition change, you will also notice this in the fit of your clothes. Again you can record this change in The Fitness Gentleman app.