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How to get over fear

The common misconception is that you shouldn’t be afraid when it comes to taking action. Especially with something that takes you outside of your comfort zone. When you mention to someone that you want to do something. But you’re scared about doing it. They’ll give you some well intentioned, but terrible advice, like; ‘Don’t be … Continue reading How to get over fear

5 steps to boost your confidence

There are few things that will boost your confidence like having an impressive physique. In the pursuit of confidence this should be goal numero uno! Just knowing you’re strong and your body reflecting that is an unparalleled feeling. I can personally testify that your confidence will increase 10 fold when you’re in shape. Here’s my … Continue reading 5 steps to boost your confidence

How I found my purpose

I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you why I do what I do. The genesis of becoming a health consultant. It wasn’t a result of happenstance. It stemmed from an event that occurred in my formative years. At the time my dad had a senior job in the city which saw him start … Continue reading How I found my purpose

How to be more energetic

If you’re a driven person it’s because you’ve found your purpose. Your purpose is what gets you up in the morning. It gives you something to work towards. This is why looking after yourself is even more important. Because you’ll need the energy to to propel you through the day and work on your mission. … Continue reading How to be more energetic

How to stay consistent

Have you ever experienced a time where you’re enthused about starting a new challenge? Caught up in the excitement of this new regime you start off going hell for leather. It’s pedal to the metal. As you’re determined that this is going to be the time. This is going to be the regime that sees … Continue reading How to stay consistent

How to reduce stress

The stress we experience is what we create. From your mind being overstimulated and your body is under stimulated and overfed. We will have a thought and think it’s the truth. And we continue down the rabbit hole with this thought it leads to stressful situations. So it is imperative that you pick up on … Continue reading How to reduce stress

How to build self control

Building self control and discipline is imperative to having the life that you want. Because the hard choices that you make in the present will be rewarded in the future. ‘Through discipline comes freedom’ – Aristotle But you need to have self discipline to make these hard choices. These choices are hard because we are … Continue reading How to build self control

How to build self discipline

Most people see others, on social media/ TV, those who are in great shape, and have fantastic lifestyles and they ask themselves “What do they have that I don’t?” “What is missing”? Their brains look to add, rather than subtract to optimize circumstances. They look for that magic fix that could dramatically change the quality … Continue reading How to build self discipline

How to increase your testosterone levels.

High testosterone is essential for a man, and if you aren’t optimising yours you’re leaving happiness and success on the table! Healthy levels of testosterone are so important. For general health, disease risk, body composition, sexual function and just about everything else. Additionally, increasing your testosterone levels can cause rapid gains in muscle mass and … Continue reading How to increase your testosterone levels.

How to set a fitness goal

Many people get this wrong. So I’m going to share with you some tips with regards setting fitness goals. That will ensure that you stay on track to achieve your goals. Every sporting event/physical pursuit I have undertaken, be it a marathons, power lifting, bodybuilding, open swimming or this year mountaineering. I know it is … Continue reading How to set a fitness goal