22 lessons from 2022

1. Confidence is on the other side of fear 


Fear is something that’s hardwired into us. But it’s redundant for most modern day scenarios.

You’ll find confidence when you act despite fear.

2. Invest in yourself

Coaching, courses, communities.

If there was ever a “shortcut” to success. It’s this.

My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.

3. Surround yourself with people who are better than you

If you’re the smartest, strongest, or highest achieving person in the room…

…you’re in the wrong room.

The people we surround ourselves with have a huge impact on us.

4. Gratitude

We’re hardwired to the negative and society perpetuates this.

Gratitude flips the script.

You change the narrative when you start taking stock of what you have instead of what you don’t.

5. Explore your curiosities 

Do you find something interesting? Go and explore it. Start investigating.  

You never know what opportunities it may open for you. 

Don’t wait for others. Do it alone if you have to.

You’ll be much happier doing things you want to do by yourself, than doing things you don’t want to do with others.

6. Outside of your comfort zone is where you grow

Ever experience that uncomfortable feeling when in an unfimilar situation?

It means you’re putting yourself out there! 

If you’re not experiencing this, it means you could be stuck inside your comfort zone.

7. The power of “no”

‘Yes’ is our default social obligation response to appease others, so as not to be ostracized from the group. 

But, saying “yes” to everything is a sure fire way to give up control of your life.

Let the power of “no” liberate you.

8. Consistency is the key that unlocks success

Success requires consistency.

Consistency requires discipline.

Discipline requires you to build effective systems into your life.

Systems are formed through habits.

Make a start.

9. Start journaling

Journaling is fantastic for gaining a better understanding of yourself.

Some of benefits I’ve got from journaling this year:

– Less stressed
– More focused 
– Sense of gratitude
– Increased self-awareness
– Baseline happiness increased. 

10. Relationships

Isolated and alone you’ll struggle.

Relationships are the hand holds that support you in life.

The quality of your relationships has a huge effect on the quality of your life.

Don’t wait on others, reach out, connect.

11. Sleep impacts every aspect of your life

– Mood
– Focus
– Hunger
– Decision making

You’re not getting by on 4 hours sleep, you’ve just gotten used to feeling like shit!

If you want to optimise your life — sleep is the best place to start.

12. Your mind is a monkey in a cage throwing feaces

It urges you to scratch that immediate gratification itch all day.

It spews out random thoughts 24/7.

But once you understand these thoughts are not the truth but stories we get caught up in. And you learn to control those urges. Life get’s a whole lot easier.

13. You can get a whole days work done in 4 hours

This system has improved the quality of my work and saved me so much time:

1. Block out 60-90 minutes (routine)
2. Assign only one task to each block and avoid multitasking
3. Get some coffee and L-theanine before you start 
4. Turn off your phone and notifications on your computer 
5. Listen to instrumental music/binaural beats/brown noise
6. Take 15-minute breaks between blocks

14. Attention is a finite resource

Where you allocate your attention will decide the outcome of your life.

Decide what matters most to you.

Assign your attention accordingly.

15. Silence and time to yourself

In a world where you’re being constantly stimulated it’s imperative that you unplug. Take time to be alone in silence, no music, no devices, no people.

Some options:

– Writing is journaling meditation.
– Hiking is walking meditation.
– Sitting quietly is direct meditation.

16. Your health comes first

Before everything else, before anyone else. 

I’ll use the old adage; ‘fix your own facemask before helping others.’

Optimise these:

– Exercise
– Diet
– Stress
– Sleep

17. Your ability to delay gratification will determine where you end up in life

It sounds extreme, but it’s true.

You wouldn’t plant a seed, and dig it up every 2 days to check on it.

True growth requires patience and discipline.

18. Wealth is the difference between income and spending

Everyone is caught up in upgrading their lifestyle.

Earning more to buy things they don’t need. To keep up with others.

Peace of mind comes from controlling your spending and saving (investing) what you don’t spend.

19. Keep learning

Learning keeps you young.

But remember to apply what you’ve learned. 

Because not doing is the same as not knowing.

20. Discipline > motivation

Everyone is reliant on motivation to take action. That’s why they don’t make any progress.

Motivation is doing it when you feel like it. Discipline is doing it when you don’t!

21. Start the day right

Your morning sets the tone for the day.

What works for me:
– Phone away for the first hour after waking
– Hydrate (water)
– Walk outside (commute) for silence
– Read
– coffee
– Get to work

22. Be happy now

Read that again.

Everyone back loads their life. Putting off happiness until some future scenario has been achieved.

‘I’ll be happy when…’

or they tell themselves

‘I want to be happy.’ 

The problem is…

…when you tell yourself you want happiness, you’re telling your subconcious you don’t have it!

Tell yourself ‘you are’ not ‘you want to be.’

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