How to reduce stress

The stress we experience is what we create. From your mind being overstimulated and your body is under stimulated and overfed.

We will have a thought and think it’s the truth.

And we continue down the rabbit hole with this thought it leads to stressful situations.

So it is imperative that you pick up on these thoughts. Which your mind spews out like a bubbles from a bubble machine.

Mindfulness will help you to pick up on this happening. As you’ll be in a better frame of mind to identify these thoughts.

and see them for what they really are


To achieve this calmer mind (dialling down the bubble machine intensity). You need to work on certain things.

Which will take a bit of elbow grease.

Because a fit body and a calm mind cannot be bought they must be earned!

This is why it’s essential to have things in place to achieve this state of mind.

But these things get missed because you make cut backs, when you tell yourself:

‘I’ll go to bed later to finish work’

‘I’ll skip the gym I’ve got too much work on’.

‘I’ll do some mindfulness another time I need to work on this project’.

‘I haven’t time for breakfast’.

All these ‘time savers’ are the result of short term, obtuse thinking.

When you continue with these health cut backs you’ll see performance decline.

making more mistakes

start slowing down

losing efficiency and energy

concentration lapses

So these cut backs are actually costing you more time in the long run.

This is why you have to build the discipline to do the things that will benefit your body and mind.

And then you get the benefits of confidence, being more efficient and energised. A calmer mind.

You become a highly tuned machine.

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