Information overload

When it comes to being at your mental and physical best you don’t need more information.

What you need is implementation!

There is an abundance of information out there but when you have no clue about how you integrate this information into your lifestyle, it then becomes moot.

You might as well have not read the information because…

knowing but not doing is the same as not knowing!

With working from home or hybrid working seemingly becoming the status quo a lot of people’s routines have been disrupted. 

With home and work having no clear delineation managing your time has never been so important!

It’s imperative you organise your day, implementing the actions essential to get you back to your best.

Simple practices you can factor in to ensure you are firing on all cylinders.

For example how about more activity in your day, now that commuting has gone/lessened.

You can do this by introducing something, I call a fauxmute.

You leave your house at the normal that you would have when you were working in the city. You walk for less or up the same time as your commute was. But instead of going to the office, you loop back home.

Only it isn’t home – you are arriving at your place of work.

You arrive prepared physically and mentally. You crack on at your desk in your designated place for work.

Then you do the same fauxmute when you finish your work. Leaving your place of work and returning home.

This will improve your ability to switch off when you arrive ‘home’.

Which leads me to my next implementation tactic.


Ensuring the rooms in your home are designated for designated tasks. 

Bedroom – sleep/sex
Office – work
Kitchen – cooking

This optimises something is called your orientating perception. (Your brain’s recognition of an environment).

Once you start merging tasks with other rooms you will only add to your stress. You’ll have low concentration and poor output.

When you put in place these simple tactics you’ll be taking steps to liberate yourself from a slump, inject energy into tired days, and even give you the get-up-and-go to power up the career ladder. 

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