The guilt trip

Ever feel guilty taking time for yourself?

I know most people I speak to do. When they are doing things to benefit their health like exercise, taking relaxation time, meditating. They tell me that they feel guilty for not spending that time on their work or with their family.

It’s not surprising. I’ll use the example of when you last got a course of medicine from the doctor. I bet you didn’t finish it and the bottle/packet is still in your medicine cupboard. But if that course of medicine was for your child or your pet you’d make sure they’d complete the course.

You downgrade your own self-care and put other things first. Which is admirable and kind but it puts your health on a negative trajectory.

You may even perceive this time for yourself as selfish. So many people are this way inclined. Self-care almost seems taboo. You have so much to do. And the thought of taking some of that precious time out of your day for yourself seems egocentric.

Combine that with time pressures and the fact change is hard. Well, 
time for your health and fitness seems even less appealing. I implore you to put your health on par with the other things in your life. If you don’t then that’s the real selfish act. Sooner or later your poor health will impact others. Their time, their concerns for you, or them following your example!

And if you put emphasis on your health and fitness you will see this change permeate other areas in your life. You’ll feel better, your energy will increase. Your quality of life will improve. Which will benefit your family, and your work. 

I know you are there nodding saying ‘you’re right Andrew’. But knowing and implementing are 2 very different things. They are worlds apart. This is why the single best thing you can do is factor in time for yourself. Put it in your diary/scheduler. This will increase the likelihood of you getting it done (by a significant amount). From doing this you have accounted for it and you have set the intention.

Then the next challenge is for you to stick with it, to complete that course of medicine.

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