Make it mean something!

I find myself at the tail end of this year’s weight loss challenge. And within touching distance of a milestone. That being 100kg lost in total over several years of self-experimentation.

Now I can say with hand on heart this year has been the hardest. Even harder than the first year (7 years ago) where I hadn’t dieted before. And I know the reason why. 

It’s because my goal this year was weight loss. The goal, although a milestone, is a weight loss one. Which has rendered it pretty meaningless. This cements my standpoint that a weight loss goal is redundant.

This year I have persevered through gritted teeth. And the method I use (the reveal a body blueprint) has made it as simple as possible.

But it pales in comparison to using the method plus an emotive goal, like in previous years. I’d never struggled then because they have been motivated by the carrot dangling at the end. 

Carrots like feeling confident on stage, in front of hundreds of people for a bodybuilding competition. Feeling great stood next to my wife for our wedding pictures. Or feeling confident in my swim shorts in the pool with my kids on holiday.

These feeling-based, emotive goals have made the process far easier. Attaching the outcome to a feeling rather than a meaningless number.

So if you are looking to transform your body focus on the reason behind the transformation. Find that emotive reason that has given you a reason to want to change your physique. Have a carrot that means something to you and attach the outcome to that.

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